jon buswell lighting design

"Hansel & Gretel"  The Royal New Zealand Ballet  - Choreographer: Loughlan Prior

Set & Costume Designer: Kate Hawley,  Lighting Designer: Jon Buswell

All would agree that Kate Hawley's designs look a million dollars under Jon Buswell's lighting. Life in town is seen in moody monochrome and the enchanted forest where Hansel and Gretel take their rest after running away from home glows gently in gauzy tones. After interval Hawley ups the ante, and how, as Gretel and Hansel (which is what the story really should be called) fall into the clutches of a Witch whose effervescence is boundless. All those luridly coloured cakes and sweets to blame, no doubt.

Lynne Pringle – Stuff NZ

Design by Kate Hawley is clever and unique, as is the lighting by Jon Buswell. There is an excellent use of colour pallet to emulate, very successfully, a 1920's silent movie which explodes into colour in the second act.

Deborah Jones

September 2019, The Opera House, Wellington NZ

                                      Photo Credit: Stephen A'Court